Conceived for the true fan of the military world and civil aviation, the Escuadrones webshop has expanded its range to represent all sectors, from aviation, modern and past military vehicles, to ships and submarines of various military navies. We have also been concerned with making designs based on civil and historical aviation. Planes such as the C-47 Dakota, a key factor on allied D-day victory, or the French-British supersonic aircraft Concorde, or the most modern civilian Airbus reactors, all have their place represented in t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.

Our collection of T-shirts is the largest available in any webshop dedicated to this theme.

We have more than 300 designs that are growing annually to leave no gaps uncovered. The suggestions of our clients serve as a guide to include new devices and themes such as skydiving, acrobatic aviation or German submarines of World War II. Every theme will be covered in the future.

PREMIUM t-shirts with embroidered sleeves and 100% organic cotton of huge quality are our best known exponent. All PREMIUM designs have been released after multiple sketches and tests and represent an HD print quality unsurpassed in detail. We take you home with a product that is above traditional merchandising and is much closer to the fashion garment in finishes and final print art.

The sweatshirts, ideal for mild seasons, also have their role in our store, from the most informal to those that incorporate exclusive embroidery and prints, an identity stamp of Escuadrones, leader in manufacturing and design of embroidered patches for military units.

The collection of sports shirts emerged after a request from our most loyal customers who were looking for clothes of their favorite hobby for sports and outdoor activities. They are polyester garments designed for more intensive use and adapted to the most current fashion in the market.

Finally, the pilot jackets have been a benchmark of Escuadrones since the beginning. We start with adult clothing such as the MA-1 and the CWU to expand with KIDS jackets intended for children. They are high quality jackets that we have dedicated to squadrons such as ALA 12, Ala 14, ALA 48 ... or specific aircraft such as the F-15 Eagle, B-2 Spirit, etc.

The embroidered patches of these bomber jackets are the same as the real pilots wear in their flightsuits. That is the reason for its success, they are very real recreations of the authentic military material that the pilots wear, and they are very different from what one can find in other stores, with very low quality embroidery and far away representative of reality. This collection will also increase year after year, we want that no sector is left out, the plans will lead us to make jackets of other armies and countries to become the best complement of our overflowing collection of shirts.

Stay tuned!


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For any military unit or flying club its badge is the element that sets it apart and the way to be known.



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