Ismael Jordá excited us with his fabulous photographs, the result of meticulous work, a photographic material of great impact: having a talent that captures what most do not see and recreates in detail every corner of jets, helicopters, and WWII planes.
His photographs can be touched, they smell of smoke and the fire of afterburners, you are soaked with the vapor trails of the wing vortices or the tips of the blades. They are tremendous and so should be his collection. Divided into two, we have PREMIUM shirts that recreate some of its best snapshots with stunning front prints and the Limited Edition collection that is also characterized by having a print on the back, embroidered badges on the sleeves and being stamped with the number of the limited edition ( we print only 250 units on every design).
All the shirts in turn are accompanied by a certificate signed by hand by Ismael that incorporates the photo on quality photographic paper on which the shirt is based. There is nothing like it in the market. Enter our store and see for yourself.


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